Research in hospitals

HURIWD together with leaders of persons with disabilities and heads of hospitals in Masaka, Luwero, Wakiso and Mbarara districts are working together to complete research on availability of SRHR facilities in hospitals for women and girls with disabilities. HURIWD will visit the hospitals in these areas, see the facilities available visa a vis the needs of persons with disabilities more so women and girls with disabilities in order to identify gaps, document them (indicating facts and figures of these facilities) together with budget estimates /indicative costs so that during the budgeting process in the budget conference, we are able to share the documentation with all leaders at different levels so that these facilities are budgeted for.


We completed a baseline report of the project entitled, Respect, Protection, And Promotion Of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Of Women And Girls With Disabilities project” with support from AmplifyChange in February 2017.

  • Baseline report
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